Are you considering buying a home? From purchasing mortgage life insurance to working with a mortgage broker, here’s everything you need to know about making the process more seamless.

Many of us dream of buying our own home because it means putting down roots and creating a space that is truly yours. However, because of the financial obligations that come with it, purchasing a house can be a daunting process.

However, when done sensibly and properly, buying a home is a process that has many benefits, including the fact that it:

  • Limits your financial risk
  • Increases your investment power
  • Saves you money in the long run
  • Allows you to create a more personalized living space

Protect Your Home & Family With Our Flexible Mortgage Life Insurance Products

At AIME, we understand just how important and big an investment a new home can be, which is why we offer flexible and affordable mortgage life insurance policies to keep your house and your family protected through some of life’s most challenging times.

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3 Benefits of Working With a Mortgage Broker

Trying to find the best mortgage for your needs, circumstances, and budget, can often be a difficult and frustrating task, and while the wide selection of mortgage products means you have more choice, it also means that you have to spend hours going through mortgage deals from various companies.

Working with a mortgage broker can help make the process much more simple and ensure that you make the right choice. Some of the benefits you’ll gain by working with such a professional include:

  1. They Make The Process Faster

With the incredibly fast pace of life today, many of us barely have enough time to sit down and enjoy a little relaxing time. Spending hours glued to the computer or talking to various lenders is something that you can do without.

Working with a mortgage broker means that you won’t have to go from lender to lender, or spend time filling out numerous applications. In addition, you won’t have to browse and compare different deals or compare one lender against the other, because your broker will shoulder all of that responsibility.

  1. They’ll Ensure You Get The Mortgage Package That’s Right For You

Using a mortgage broker is a very effective way of getting the right mortgage package that suits your needs, without having to commit hours of your time to searching. In fact, a good broker will:

  • Source a wide range of mortgage deals on your behalf
  • Consider your lifestyle, budget, and unique needs when considering these deals
  • Put forward the ones that offer the best value in terms of interest rates and monthly payments.

All you have to do: Simply fill out one application form, which your broker can then use. This will save you the hassle of having to complete a new form for each lender.

  1. They Represent You

One of the biggest reasons why you should use a mortgage broker instead of a bank is because these financial experts work on your behalf.  Because a loan officer at a bank works through salary or commission, they will only recommend their own financial products to you - whether they suit your needs or not.

On the other hand

A mortgage broker is not limited to one set of financial products, from one lending institution. They will work with hundreds of different lenders to ensure you get the best-priced, best-structured financial product possible.

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