Several factors have made Canadians too comfortable with debt - years of low interest rates and rising house prices.

According to the latest numbers from the Bank of Canada, Canadians now owe $2.16 trillion in mortgage, credit card and other consumer debt—an 80% jump from 2008, and an amount that now exceeds the value of the entire Canadian economy. That means that today, the average Canadian owes about $1.70 for each $1.00 earned annually, after taxes. This is a record high and up about 100% from 20 years ago.

Excluding mortgages, Canadians now carry an average of $22,800 each in debt, with those between the ages of 46 and 55 having the highest average debt loads at $34,100. This age group is seeing the largest increase in debt year-over-year.

Of the nine top cities listed, Fort McMurray, Alberta had the highest average debt levels at $37,800 and Montreal has the lowest, with average debt loads at $17,300.

The History Of Canadian Mortgage Debt Over The Years

Older Canadians may remember how in the span of seven weeks in 1981, the bank rate was hiked seven times - eventually reaching 18.75% and eventually topping out at 21%.

However, there is now an entire generation that has entered adulthood, the workforce and the homebuying phase of life that have never known anything over 5% interest rates. With the number of debt households take on today, rates don’t have to rise nearly as much as in 1981 to have a disastrous impact.

Steps To Successfully Managing Your Mortgage Debt

  1. Create a budget - Track and review where your money goes. Those lattes and lunches can add up very quickly. Make a spending plan and stick to it.
  2. Check your credit score - It can be surprising what you find. If your credit is good, you may qualify for lower interest rates. If it’s not, you may need to develop a plan to improve your score.
  3. Make your dollar stretch - Learn to live on less. Put any extra money towards paying off your debt as quickly as possible.

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