Are you looking for a mortgage life insurance policy that takes care of your home and family, while promoting your health and well-being? Look no further than 20/20 Mortgage Protection Insurance.

Many people mistakenly believe that their greatest asset is their family home, but in actuality, your greatest asset is actually your health and well-being, because this affects your quality of life and your ability to earn an income.

So while mortgage protection insurance is about protecting your family and home, disability and critical illness coverages are about looking after yourself.

By adding disability and critical illness riders to your policy, you can:

  • Avoid financial stress and debt
  • Focus on recovering and getting better
  • Rest knowing your family and your home will be financially taken care of
  • Take care of medical expenses such as hospital bills and home care

Comprehensive Mortgage Protection Insurance with AIME

Whether you are looking for mortgage life insurance, mortgage life disability, or critical illness coverage, 20/20 MLI can be customized to suit all your specific needs in the most transparent, flexible, and affordable way possible.

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Critical Illness Coverage

Critical Illness & Disability Coverage: Comprehensive Mortgage Protection Insurance with AIME

A life-altering illness or injury can happen to anyone at any time. 20/20 Mortgage Protection Insurance aims to protect your health and wellness under any circumstances by providing disability and critical illness coverages that you can add onto your policy.

This will provide you with a lump sum of money that will help you recover and get back on your feet quickly.

20/20 Critical Illness Coverage

In most cases, critical illnesses come suddenly and without warning. Apart from this being very distressing news, such an illness can have significant emotional and financial repercussions for your family. This includes illnesses such as:

  • Heart attack/stroke
  • Terminal illnesses such as cancer
  • HIV
  • Kidney failure

When you suffer from a critical illness, it impacts your well-being and prevents you from working and receiving an income, often times sending your household into financial turmoil.

How 20/20 Critical Illness Coverage Can Help

  • You’ll receive a lump sum to pay your mortgage and other debts
  • Replacement of lost income due to your inability to work 
  • You can pay for any additional equipment or home alterations necessary for your speedy recovery
  • Your family can maintain a good standard of living


20/20 Mortgage Life Disability

Buying a home and taking out a mortgage is a serious investment that requires taking adequate steps to protect your family financially. Whatever your job, an injury can occur, and adding disability coverage to your policy will help protect your from any loss of income.

Do I really need disability coverage? If you are injured and unable to work, this can cause a huge financial burden for you and your family. In fact, many bankruptcies are a direct result of income loss due to disability. This type of coverage provides a much needed paycheque while you take time to recover.

It is especially beneficial if you:

  • Are the primary breadwinner of the family
  • Have a high-risk job (such as a construction worker)
  • Don’t have an emergency fund that can take care of medical bills or other unexpected expenses



20/20 Mortgage Protection Insurance Takes Care of Your Greatest Asset

Nothing can replace the value of your health and well-being. At AIME, our 20/20 mortgage protection insurance can be customized to suit all your specific needs, providing you with comprehensive coverage that strives to keep you healthy and happy.

To find out more about our products, contact one of our licensed advisors at 1-844-974-2020 or fill in our online contact form.

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