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Tammi and Michael are a 45-year-old couple with MORTGAGE LIFE INSURANCE and DISABILITY coverage on their $350,000 mortgage.  By switching to 20/20, they would save nearly $33,000 over the course of their 25 year mortgage.  That's $110 dollars in savings EVERY MONTH!  If you bought Mortgage Life Insurance when you signed up for your mortgage, you should consider switching to 20/20.  Here's why...


Maybe the protection you purchased when you signed your mortgage wasn't the best available option for you. Did you have the chance to consider other plans or compare prices? Do you even know how much you are paying each year or are the premiums hidden in your monthly mortgage costs?  What if…
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We've made it EASY to find out how much you can save and easy to switch. Nobody has an easier application process. There are no medical exams and we can have you approved in minutes!  Click here for an INSTANT comparison between your existing coverage and 20/20 Mortgage Life Insurance.  Once…
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With your existing Mortgage Life Insurance coverage, although you pay the premiums, THE BANK OWNS THE COVERAGE, which means they are the beneficiary of any claims that are paid.  That didn't make any sense to us, so we developed a product that provided you with the same protection, but the…
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Did you know that if you decide to move to another lender, your Mortgage Life Insurance plan doesn't move with you?  The reason that's a problem is because you will have to requalify, you'll be older and your premium will be much more expensive.  Unless you're planning on staying…
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With 20/20 YOU are Insured by Assumption Life

Founded in 1903, Assumption Life has established itself as a major player in life insurance and financial services in Canada. Fuelled by innovation and driven by its commitment to its clients and employees, Assumption Life continues to demonstrate positive sustainable growth and financial performance.

How 20/20's Hassle Free Process Works

We save you money in the beginning, but we're also here to secure and protect you and your family when times get tough. Here's how our claims process works:


The period of time after a loss can be overwhelming and difficult. We encourage calling our Client Care Centre as soon as possible to initiate the process.  We have a team of trained professionals that have a thorough understanding of the claims process and your coverage.  They will send you a claims kit, walk you through the next steps, are available to answer any questions, and provide as much clarity and support as you require.


Once your claims kit has been received, filled out, and submitted to Assumption Life, (the 20/20 Mortgage Life Insurer) our commitment is to provide you with a prompt update. In most cases, the information provided in the claims kit is all we need; however, in unique circumstances, (e.g. if the beneficiary passes away before the insured) a few additional steps may be required.    


We are conscious about the impact that a loss will have on your family, so we've aligned ourselves with an insurer that is committed to paying out claims as quickly as possible. Assumption Life has earned a reputation over more than 100 years of making things easy for their clients, with an individual and corporate code of conduct that is centered on the client, integrity, accountability and commitment.  
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